Welcome to Grayson Jewelers


Our goal is nothing less than a story you can wear. At Grayson Jewelers, we believe each piece of jewelry is an extension of a story, a connection to a person or a moment that reminds the wearer of great memories. Inspired by Beth’s love of jewelry, we decided that our store would exist to serve those people whose stories required something more than just a ring in a case. We made it our mission to build our business on creating customized designs that fulfilled the imagination of our clients.

That focus on customers is what we’ve become known for: whether it’s your first time in the store or your fiftieth, you are family to us. We’ve found it’s the attention to personal detail that elevates a purchase into a piece of art. So we listen; we let our customers tell us what’s on their heart, and we take their stories and ideas seriously. Whether we turn a beloved spouse’s wedding band into an amulet or help a first-time father pick out the perfect Pandora charm, we pour our heart and soul into everything we do.