Do You Pandora?

pandoraAt Grayson Jewelers, we LOVE Pandora. When you walk in, you probably will see most of our staff wearing it. [Everyone except Joe, of course! :)] Pandora has really become part of many women’s daily wardrobe. Here’s a few of the reasons why:

Pandora bracelets are the perfect accessory.

Pandora bracelets accessorize your wardrobe perfectly, since they can be changed to match any outfit! Are you wearing blue today? Put on your blue glass beads to match. Want to wear a gold necklace? Switch out your enamel charms for gold. The possibilities are endless!

Pandora charms are both fun and meaningful.Pandora Bracelet - Grayson Jewelers

There is a Pandora bead to commemorate any moment, any event, and anyone that is important in your life. From hearts to animals, graduation to birthstone charms, football to tennis, there are charms to help you celebrate life. 

Pandora charms are handcrafted by skilled artists.

All charms are made by hand in solid silver, gold, or a combination of the two. All stones are added by hand, creating a unique bead that is both durable and a great value.

Pandora beads stay put.

How frustrating is it to be constantly adjusting your bracelet? Pandora bracelets separate their beads into three distinct sections. Two beads clamp on and don’t move, keeping charms on either side of them. These special beads are called clips. The clips are customizable, creating a truly unique piece.

Pandora beads are infinitely customizable.pandora-beads

Most beads screw on and off the bracelet, making it simple to have your bracelet suit your mood or your style. This allows for a bead collection to grow over time.

Pandora can make a stylish necklace.

Put your Pandora charms on a chain to create your own necklace! Add a larger, dangling charm in the center, then add smaller beads on either side. At Grayson Jewelers, we can help you create the look you are wanting to achieve.

Pandora makes a great gift.

Not sure what to get? Want something a little different? Start a Pandora bracelet for her! Select beads that remind her of you, activities she loves, or her birthstone. The possibilities are endless. The best part, you can get a unique gift at any price. As an added bonus, you can continue to add to her bracelet as the years go by.

Grayson Jewelers and Pandora – bringing joy and style to The Art of You.