Mother’s Day 2016

We love the moms in our lives. Those special women who do so much for us, and we admittedly take them for granted at times. Being a mom is not a glamorous job, but a mom keeps doing what she needs to for her children because she loves them dearly, even more than herself. Mother’s Day is our opportunity to make the Moms in our lives feel a little glamorous, at least for a moment. Breakfast in bed is a sweet gesture, but the moment doesn’t last. A thoughtful piece of jewelry is a gift that continues to make your Mom feel special throughout the year. Pandora is the perfect way to give thoughtful jewelry for Mother’s Day. Whether you are just starting her Pandora collection, adding a couple charms to her collection, or want to give her a completely composed accessory, we at Grayson Jewelers can fill your Pandora needs.

Pandora also makes it easy to personalize your gift. There are charms for various hobbies, charms in beautiful colors, charms to represent each child, charms that are just inherently beautiful on their own as part of her collection. Pandora has a beautiful selection of Mother’s Day charms. From the one that proclaims that your mom is the ‘Best Mom’ or ‘Family Forever’ to the Limited Edition Mother’s Day charm for this year with exquisite gold accents, you can’t go wrong by choosing Pandora.

The ‘Flowers from the Heart’ bracelet set, shown above, includes a heart clasp bracelet, 2 White Primrose clips, and the Spring Time charm with a zipper box. The ‘Mother’s Love’ bangle set, to the right, includes the Wishful Heart bangle and Beloved Mother dangle.

She’ll love complementing her favorite charm bracelet with this limited-edition ‘Bound by Love’ charm gift with sparkling accents and 14K gold bow. This special charm comes in an exclusive Pandora leatherette charm box, making it a unique and meaningful expression of your love for her. This limited edition charm gift is only available for a limited time, while supplies last.

You can’t go wrong with the gift of Pandora jewelry, and Grayson Jewelers has the selection you are looking for. We honor all moms, and hope your Mother’s Day is the best!