Jewelry Cleaning and Polishing

Through normal wear and use, your jewelry will gradually lose it’s shine. So to keep it looking its best, you’ll want to regularly have your jewelry cleaned and polished.

Think about everything your jewelry endures – especially your diamond ring or wedding bands that are worn everyday! Yet many people never consider the simple step of cleaning these valuable items.

The team at Grayson Jewelers can clean, polish, and restore your jewelry so it looks brand new. If it’s been a while since your jewelry was cleaned, you may be surprised at what a difference it makes. It only takes a few minutes to get your rings and other jewelry shining again.

The Internet is full of all kinds of do-it-yourself recipes and remedies for cleaning and polishing your jewelry. While some probably work, others may do more harm than good. Why take the risk when Grayson Jewelers will provide thorough and safe jewelry cleaning by knowledgeable pros at a very low price?

Come by our store and see for yourself!