Jewelry Purchasing

Grayson Jewelers buys used jewelry. In fact, we buy gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewelry as well as coins, flatware, and high-end watches.

We understand that it can be difficult to part with your jewelry or that in the estate of a deceased loved one. Whatever your reasons or the situation prompting you to sell your jewelry, you can be assured that the highly trained staff at Grayson Jewelers will treat you and your jewelry with care and respect.

We treat our customers with an unparalleled level of ethics and integrity in all of our dealings, and in that spirit will give you a fair market value for your unwanted jewelry. In fact, we usually will pay higher prices for used jewelry than other jewelry stores or gold-buying locations.

If you’re interested in selling your unwanted jewelry to Grayson Jewelers, bring it to the store along with any documentation you want to provide. We promise a friendly, low-pressure experience that will hopefully put some welcome cash in your pocket!