Jewelry Repair

Grayson Jewelers has earned a strong reputation for providing excellent jewelry repair services. Our highly trained team can save the day when something has gone wrong and your jewelry needs some maintenance or repair.

We regularly repair broken chains, bracelets, and pendants for our clients. Other services include:

* Ring sizing or re-sizing
* Ring prong re-tipping or replacement
* Ring head replacement, tightening, or re-setting
* Clasp replacement
* Stone replacement
* Pearl re-stringing

We are able to do handle most of your jewelry repair needs here in our store. The time required to repair your jewelry depends on the nature of the repair itself and the volume of work we have already, but our team will work hard to get your valued jewelry back for you to wear and enjoy as soon as possible.

Proper care and maintenance will improve and prolong the life of your jewelry and help you avoid having to make repairs. That’s why we recommend you remove your jewelry before sleeping, bathing, or engaging in physical activity. If you want more tips for taking care of your jewelry, or want to talk to one of our jewelers about possible repairs, please stop by the store – we’ll be happy to help!