Ring Sizing

It’s obviously important that your ring fits well!

The experts at Grayson Jewelers can determine your proper ring size and professionally size your silver, gold, or platinum ring to be sure you get the most secure and comfortable fit possible.

If you’re buying an engagement ring, you can bring her by beforehand to let our staff determine her ring size, or if you don’t want to spoil the surprise, just bring your fiancé to the store to get the ring sized properly after you give it to her!

For all rings, keep in mind that the size of your fingers may change over time due to a variety of factors. Many people don’t realize that medications can affect how well a ring fits. Other factors, including weight loss and weight gain and even the weather can influence how well your ring fits your finger. Also, remember that your fingers may be different sizes, so a ring that fits on one finger may not fit another.

If you notice your ring doesn’t fit as well as it used to, just come by and let our friendly staff take a look. There are alternatives to sizing that we can utilize if needed, such as sizing balls, ring guards, and finger-fit shanks.