Watch Batteries

Grayson Jewelers is the home of the $1.99 watch battery! Not only do we have the best prices on watch batteries, but we’ll install one in your watch while you wait. In fact, our experts will install up to 3 watch batteries for you on the spot.

Watches are intricate and complex machines with a lot of very tiny moving parts. While some people try to save money by buying a watch battery online and installing it themselves, one wrong touch or move can damage the instrument’s movement and accuracy. That’s why we recommend you protect your investment by having a knowledgeable pro replace your watch battery.

Besides, with prices as low as $1.99, there’s really no reason to bother trying to do it yourself anyway! Let the experts at Grayson Jewelers do it for you! Certain watch batteries may cost a bit more, but we’re committed to providing this service to our customers at the lowest cost possible, so you won’t find a better price.

Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the correct battery for your watch and will install it with care and precision. We’ll even adjust and remove links from your watch’s chain to make sure you’ve got the best fit possible. So come on by – we’ll be glad to serve you!