A Little Help for Valentine’s Day

Men, I get it.  Another year, another Valentine’s Day and the pressure to make your woman feel special is paralyzing.  Your sensible thinking just cringes when you realize the same dozen roses were half the price a month ago. You buy them anyway knowing that floral scented money is just going in the trash in another week.  Chocolates, don’t get me started.  You get her those, and she will eat her way through them all while she hides in the closet so that no one sees her truffle overdose.  Then she will secretly blame you for her pants being tight for the next 2 months.

Then there is jewelry. Well, it’s perfect because it lasts forever and doesn’t shrink her jeans, but the 3 big jewelry fears paralyze you again:

I Will Get Her the Wrong Thing

Let me stop you there. Gentlemen,  there is no such thing as getting the wrong thing when it comes to jewelry (unless it turns her finger green).  Go with a quality classic, and you have a winner every single time.  A beautiful pair of diamond stud or pearl earrings is an easy no brainer.  Seriously, you cannot go wrong.  Or turn her finger the right kind of green with an emerald right-hand ring. Did you know that emeralds are known for their flaws?  What better way to show the woman love that you love everything about her, including her perfect flaws, than with this precious gem.

I Will Break the Bank

It is true that some pieces of special jewelry need a larger budget.  And quality is important when it comes to the good stuff.  But there are pieces in every price point.  And if you get a great, simple piece, you can build on it (I will come back to this). You can also get her started with Pandora jewelry.  This is a great way to pick your price point.  You can get one single charm at a time.  Or, for a big occasion, fill a special bracelet all at once.

She Will Get Bored With My Gift

Dude.  Just stop there.  If the gift you give her makes her feel like the center of your world, she will not get bored having that close to her.  On top of that emotional attachment she will feel, there are also ways to spice up her bling every year.  If she has a pair of classy diamond studs, you can get earring jackets to go on them to change the look.  Some of the Pandora charms can also be converted to earrings or pendants for necklaces to change the look with the same pieces.

The perfect formula for the perfect gift is 1 part effort + 1 part money + 2 parts thoughtfulness.  The result will be obvious and way beyond the sum of the parts.

Valentine’s Is Coming Fast

You don’t have a lot of time left, so here is the plan.

1) Get off your butt. Now. The effort is a big part of this. It means a lot to her.

2) Go to a jewelry store.  Like, today.  What are you waiting for?  Take your wallet.

3) When you pick out a great gift, go the extra mile.  Write a note about what it symbolizes.  You can do this literally and figuratively.  What does the stone or metal symbolize (See my example above with the emerald. The internet makes this super easy)? How does that symbolism relate to the woman you love?  Write that down.

It’s really that simple.  Don’t complicate it.

You’re welcome.